The upcoming Kia sports sedan has officially hit the most important parts of the endurance testing. It’s doing the Alps Trailer tests and will be hitting the Nurburgring regularly. Cool thing is seeing that Kia is testing this alongside an E-Class Wagon. More at Autoevolution.

I still think this thing is inbetween the size of a 4-series GC (183" length, 3,600-3900lbs) and 6-Series GC (197" length, 4,200-4,600lbs). I’m going to bet on it being about 189" in length and weighing between 3,800-4,100 lbs. So definitely a small grand touring sedan rather than a heavy sports sedan. So think Lexus RC instead of ATS Coupe in driving character.

I’m a touring guy so I love vehicles that are 3,800-4,500 lbs and have a power-to-weight ratio of 12 lbs/hp or less. I’m excited for this. Definitely not sports car though, just a “premium” sedan when everyone is buying crossovers. Plus side: this will be the first non-SUV from Kia to be offered with AWD in the US! Kia Motors America (the branch focused on the NA market) started US sales in February of 1994 and in 2017 you’ll be able to get a car with AWD. Magical times, people!