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Kia Helps Save Neverland From the Terror of Driving

This is an unfortunate marketing project involving Peter and Wendy saving suburban commuters from CEO Hook’s devious plan — only allowing the privileged into Neverland City.

Our assumed billionaire-villainaire (bet you said that wrong) has blocked all unworthy vehicles (early 2010s Korean cars) from using their self-driving tech, smart windshields, and health monitoring systems. The loss of tech has the entire area flummoxed because no one can operate their cars. To top it all off, only Hook and Peter appear privileged enough to freely enter the city! *Satirical gasping*


This is all proof, yet again, that traffic congestion is the quickest way to recognize a utopian megalopolis from a dystopian metrocity. The moral of the million dollar marketing midterm is that all people have a right to technology, especially the kind that makes life better by taking YOU out of it.

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