More customer Stinger GTs are showing up running 12.6s and 12.7s now. I noticed back when Oz got their Stingers that the RWD GTs with the LSD were putting down 350+ hp / 385 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels and doing the sub-13 sec quarters. There were some updates to the 3.3t Lambda a few months after the Stinger came out and, even though the ratings didn’t change, I think that the updates actually bumped the Lambda up to the originally promised 395 hp / 393.5 lb-ft of torque from the GT Concept car.

And not all of those gains are from a cat back.

Below is the first time I have seen an AWD Stinger running a sub-13 second quarter mile, let alone a 12.7.

This next video is the same Stinger but with a bad launch causing it to run a 13.3.

And another video of Stinger seemingly putting that full 365 hp to the tires.

I’ve been casually investigating why there is such a wide difference in power on Stinger GT models globally. There is at least a 30 hp / 13 lb-ft gap in stock V6 cars. I genuinely think that the RWD GTs with the LSD got the updated intercooler, ignition, injection, chambers, heads, manifolds, and sodium-filled so on and so forth and now those updates are making their way into more GT trims levels.

I’m serious, I think there is a nearly 10% difference in output between the debut 3.3t and the updated 3.3t. Sounds crazy but I think that the 2019 model year cars with the 3.3t are more powerful (especially at the wheels) than the 2018 cars. I’m including places that got the G70 for 2018 instead of 2019 as well.

Some people simply were fortunate to go for the RWD, LSD Stinger GTs. Those will end up being the 11.9 second cars you will see in another year or two after bolt ons and a chip.