Lets think back to the nineties, when the automotive market was booming with compacts, a Korean automaker called Kia debuts. These cars were hot, really hot. In the sense that they at any minute could have an electrical failure.

Kias were not good, the interior quality is that of a Craigslist furnished home. They were prone to problems and many in Americans viewed it as one of the cheapest, worst automobiles on the market. They really didn’t sell well here because of the fact that there were sturdy, dependable models like the Toyota Corolla and the Dodge Stratus already available.

In 2007 or somewhere in that time frame Kia decided to do a ten-year 100,000 mile warranty. This had everybody buying Kias such as parents, teenagers, hamsters, etc. The Kias of the nineties were gone and relegated to craigslist. In present times Kias cars are by no means enthusiast cars, but they are good, solid, dependable cars something that some vehicles lack. They don’t have the most exciting lineup and they certainly haven’t taken the most risks. They are one of the best average brands out there. Kia hasn’t created anything new, they haven’t pioneered segments and they don’t have the most tech. However, they have an average entry in every average segment that is one of the most safe choices available. So if you are an average car buyer, non-enthusiast, Kia may be the car for you.