Kia Needs To Be a Pop Art Brand

Kia would be a great Pop Art car brand. Speech bubbles, dots, explosive text, give them all the soup cans and comic sans. Hit me with that Lichtenstein, baby. WHAAM!


They can even blend it with eastern art style cues such as in the picture that began this post. Kia marketing should be striving to create a living comic book out of the brand. Campy and self-aware. Adam West should be an optional navigation system just as his name implies.

The print ads would completely standout from the overly serious earl grey mourning that symbolizes upmarket aspirations lately. I say hit the youth with the romanticized parts of their grandparent’s nostalgia. Remembering things that werent ever their’s to experience is exactly what young people love and I like that!

Pop Art is the cure, the way, it has all the right plays. This is a checkmate in the fourth quarter with the bases loaded so dunk that touchdown, Cristiano! This is the stealth stupidity and intelligent fumbling it takes to seriously cast shadows over giants.


Kia is like buying wine by the carton, inherently wrong in premise but a strangely good time in practice. You can’t be fancy in a juice box in a world filling with champagne flute. But as long as you offer an awesome and unique experience combined with a great tasting product then your brand can thrive despite the container. The experience just needs to be there! However, price and service will always leave a sour taste no matter how sweet the product is.

With all that said, the attitude of your marketing and branding is the fastest way to augment your shortcomings while playing up your strengths. Somebody needs to pay me! It’s Bejeweled Blitz over here with all these gems I’m throwing out.

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