Take Formula Drift for example. Like oh lawd can you imagine a K900 at full song, full lock, and smoke billowing out from its fairly-bland rear? Maybe that will convince people it really is a desirable sedan. There’s really nothing wrong with it, just like the Genesis Sedan. It’s just too expensive from the bargain bin brand.

Or maybe if they could sneak a Rio or Cee’d hatch into WRC/RallyCross/Gymkhana? A time attack Cadenza? For the most part, they are all pretty good looking cars with some potential, and just like Ken Block did for the USDM Fiesta, maybe Kia could pull themselves from being just passable and into being seen as a lot of car for the money.

If Kia could prove their sporting potential (if they indeed have any) maybe people would take their cars more seriously? I see no reason for them to wallow in Guaranteed Credit and buy-one-get-one-half-off status. (Seriously, some dealership in my area was offering guaranteed credit and some crazy discount if you bought two Kias at once.)