A product named after a surface-to-air missile launcher that’s coming from Korea specifically to make a huge impact on major markets all over the world. Well, maybe that’s just a coincidence and marketing didn’t notice that oh... the key fob is shaped like a detonator and the big button is what you hit when you lock on to your target. Well that’s an oddly topical comparison during the launch of this very surprising product.

Oh, I get it now! The Stinger MUST take off outside of Korea in order for it not to be bombing!! Freakin’ clever, Kia.

Wait... what?!

The Kia Quirk, Oppo. It’s a real thing. I’ll have to share some more with you sometime.


*I can’t remember if the Stinger is being sold in China. If it’s not then there is no doubt that this was an inside job for a massive inside joke.