Anyone know anything about them? They good or bad? Anything to worry about?

Pic for attention, mine’s the same minus the wheels and foglights. I got steelies and hubcaps.

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It’s a 14 with 41k so I won’t have any real issues for a while. My old beater Crown Vic decided to start puking from the heater core. I refuse to put any more money into it.

Nothing is wrong with it, clean carfax. I bought it through the auction with a 7 day guarantee. It’s going to get a once over at the Kia dealer(my mom works there) to make sure she’s good. It’s a base sedan, so power locks/windows and keyless are about it’s only real options, which is all standard equipment anymore.

I see alot of people buying Kia’s, dealers I haul cars for buying all kinds of Kias. Not so much the Rio, but Forte, Souls, Optimas are all selling. So I figure it’s halfway decent.

It does have a compustar remote star/keyless entry and weathertech front floor mats.

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