Kia Sorento Proves Anything Can Go Off-Road, At Least Once.

I really don’t know what’s going on here. I want to know but I can’t wrap my head around the idea of selling a Kia in this way, are people cross shopping 4Runners and Sorentos? Does it matter really when the end result is what appears to be an official attempt to take a 2019 Kia up a petrified sand canyon?

This particular sand canyon is called hells gate. Hells gate is, if you are unfamiliar, a section of the hells revenge trail in moab and its pretty legit for anything not made for serious rock work and some that are; It’s turned over plenty a well built Jeep. It’s certainly not the hardest trail in the area but it’s no walk in the park. Now, I’ve seen a Crown Vic on Hells revenge, and I’ve seen Subaru Legacy take it on, but this is the first time I’ve seen such a road baised crossover tackle hells gate.


Just in case you are wondering, no, Kia has not altered course in 2019 with the Sorento to turn it into a true, low range havin’ 4x4. No, it’s still pretty much the same run of the mill 7 seat minivan apologist you get when you are shopping for Highlangers and Pilots but want nicer seats and a radio for less money.

I will say Kia does apparently think “adventure” is important to its buyers though, as it’s touted as being “Bred for adventure” on their website.


Personally, I’d like to think this was all the result of a typo where it was meant to read “Bread, for adventure” then, suddenly, what was meant to be sensible advice for a family hike snowballed into this elaborate marketing stunt.

In any case the kia and its available Dynamax™ AWD (so dynamic!) DID in fact make it up though the audio clues and heavy editing suggest it certainly wasn’t a single shot affair.


It’s also evident that it didn’t survive unscathed as the rear bumper valance is about half peeled off. Details. It made it! And I’m sure it drove home just fine to do it again next weekend...

Again, who is this aimed at? I know the soft-roaders doing off-roady stuff is real lately, especially with Subaru XV’s and Renegades and such but surely people shopping for mid sized 7 seat crossovers aren’t part of that, are they?


I will tell you that if you DO buy a 2019 Kia Sorento and have a desire to test that adventure breeding, please film it.

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