The reviews, the reactions, the response, the reception...this car is seriously something special. Even with the upcoming G70 being a faster, lighter, and focused sportsedan while the G80 Sport is a more luxurious grand tourer, the V6-equipped Kia Stinger has a touch of care and specialty that no other Korean sedan will likely match.


The Stinger is a potentially exceptional car. The problem is that it wont be taken up another notch because heaven forbid a Kia top out at the base price for a Volkswagen Touareg. What we have is a B student that could easily be an A student that postively impacts their peers’ performance if they were encouraged to push further. But “good enough” is good enough and we are stuck with a lot of potential but no help from home to take the risk and require the student to be the highest performer they can be.

It would be a serious shame to not give this car a factory higher performance variant. Just one more notch at least! Replace the baby turbos and enroll the kid in summer school to get that GT-S badge. If you dont show confidence then why should we?

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