I watched Doug’s viddy. I’m sold.

It looks great. Modern and unique and interesting, but not hideous. I don’t know why so many fail to get this right.

It’s got heaps of cool details. The engine cover and the key amongst them.

Why? Everything is turbo these days. No rhyme nor reason. It’s just cool as shit

It seems like the designers had just enough fun to give the car personality. But everything it needs to compete in its class.

Someone mentioned on here recently that it has fake side vents - apparently it doesn’t. They flow through. They might have a purpose. That’s ntb.

Am I wrong? Is there a cooler sedan? I like the Rapide, I’m not sure that counts. I’m not sure it’s still in production. Ditto the Bentley Flying Spur. The M3 has lost its edge for me, as has the 5. The cooler smaller BMWs aren’t sedans. The S-class is good, but it’s not cool. A Rolls is achingly cool, but if you own it you’re a plutocrat and that reflects back on the car. America has some alright muscle cars, they’re not as sleek as this. The Commodore has just left production, isn’t as cool as this. Japan hasn’t made a cool sedan in 15 years.


Ignore my class jumping for a second.

In fact, it tears me up that this will destroy it in sales, despite committing the fatal sin of being both hideous and bland: