Kia Stinger GT2 as a potential option for the next car.

I’m currently driving an ‘18 champagne frost Accord, but in a year from now I’m going to get a vehicle that will take me through the end of my time in the Navy. The Accord has always been a place holder and it is doing great. However it isn’t anything I want to keep.

I I’m going to finance the next car for 24 to 36 months so I’ll have a vehicle post employment while I job search. Overall budget is sub 30k. I think the Kia might hit everything on my wishlist while remaining in my budget. I’m keeping the Morgan so I’ll always have arguably the stupidest car on the road as well. Another option is to just lease because my timeline will sync within 3 months of my end date. Any opinions?


Oold Audi that my neighbor won’t sell me because I’ve never asked and behind that is my favorite vehicle in my town.

Eye wateringly perfect.

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