If you didnt jump on a Stinger already then you may need to talk down a slight mark up on the V6 cars now that dealers are finding out they are an easy sell. Watch that price slider in these pictures, it’s for the 627 Stingers equipped with the V6 that have their prices listed on CarGurus.

From $40,000 and up we still have 575 cars listed from that original group, which makes sense because a V6 Stinger pretty much starts at $40,000. But here is where it gets a bit more interesting.

From $51,000 and up there are still 227 listings in that range. That means that 40% of the Stinger GTs being listed are over $50,000! This is for a car that tops out under $53,000. I believe Kia had planned to produce 60,000 Stingers globally which is usually around 2,000 cars a month for just the US. With only around 1,000 cars being on dealer lots for the next two months it may be a good idea to go ahead and lease one of these. More initial demand than supply keeps residual value up.


Also remember that Kia’s marketing still hasn’t hit the Super Bowl ad or all of the basketball, soccer, golf, and elevendy other sports Kia is a sponsor for. Then there are the fashion-focused magazines this car is being worked into. The Stinger also happens to be a very Instagramable vehicle considering the price. All Im saying is that the marketing campaign is barely starting. This introductory enthusiast round of ads and reviews is really only a 15% push on the car. If you are sick of hearing about the Stinger then you are about to have a very rough Spring.

Here is Times Square, and this is only a marketing warm up.


Kia is probably going to outsell Hyundai in 2018 and continue behind Subaru in terms of US sales numbers. If Kia is reaching close to 600,000 annual sales, despite the market slow down next year, then it isn’t too farfetched to believe that 2% of Kia buyers (24,000) will go for a Stinger.

Kia is underproducing by about 50%, and I think it’s on purpose to assist resale. But don’t pay the markup on these, the US Stinger is a seriously good car but it’s built to beat the Dodge Charger and anticipate where the market is heading. Porsche, Cadillac, and Dodge all have cars around this size coming in 2019. I promise you that.

Here is a quick example of what I’m talking about when I say the US Stinger is degraded. Pay attention to the center tunnel where your knees rest and the shifter are mounted.


This Euro-spec above gets soft, stitched faux-leather by the knees cupholder cover and premium material trim.


This Aus-spec Stinger gets a cupholder cover, gloss black plastic but ditches the soft material where the knees would rest.

The US-spec car gets a very hollow silver plastic console cover, no cup holder cover because it would be too flimsy to get away with, hard plastics at the knees, and absolutely no resistance or dampling behind buttons, knobs, and dials on that center tunnel. And before you say that this is a lower spec Stinger, it’s not. That shifter is only in the top trim GT2 Stinger for the US. The only Stinger with shift-by-wire. Every other Stinger uses the shifter from the first Euro-spec picture.


What I’m saying is that the US Stinger, even in top trim, isn’t even on part material wise to the lower mid-level Stingers in other markets. But that said, the Stinger does feel good inside. I’m just a lot more critical because I’m into this kind of stuff. I can sit in this car and tell you it was built to be priced from $28,000 to $47,000 but because the car was reviewed so well Kia tacked on $5,000 across the entire line.

That’s a great move for building a premium into the brand. However, I’m also able to put on my consumer hat and tell you that bites because that $5,000 will show up in depreciation once production exceeds demand in around 30 months.

If you pay a $10,000 markup on top of that built in $5,000 premium then you’re going to be out $15,000 the second you sign. If you lease a Stinger GT right now then it will probably cost you $16,000 to $22,000 over 36 months. That’s why I’m telling you that if you are in the US and want a Stinger GT then you need to lease the car before production increases in order to take the smallest financial hit.