Moved the old gaming box into a smaller case, mostly to make it easier to move around and set aside (the previous Antec full tower was a heavy beast). It’s tight, so the second optical drive hits the MB and that’s why it’s sticking out a little. Seems to run nicely with the cheap 4GB video card I found today. Phenom II X4 965, 8GB RAM, 750 and 400 GB SATA drives and a 750 GB IDE drive, TV tuner and USB 3. I’ll have to find the old 320 GB RAID 10 array and extract the data, putting it on one of the dozen or so 500 GB drives piling up around here. The power switch failed, so I just used the reset switch for power rather than fixing the problem. The Ethernet port never worked and I didn’t want to be bothered returning the board (it was 5 hours on the bus each way...) so I just slapped in a PCIe card for that duty.

It may be an old dinosaur, but it holds its own and will make a fine tertiary system. It’s probably still a giant space heater, so it won’t get used all that much.