Kick the Tires and Grease the Hubs.

I’m out of work for a little bit and can’t drive so I decided to change the oil, bevel box fluid, grease the hubs, and detail the dickens out of the M3T. Getting the 42mm Octagonal wheel nuts off with a hammer and spanner was hair raising. I ordered a socket so I never have to do that again. Bashing a hammer into steel next to wire spokes on a chrome nut will make you question your striking precision. I destroyed a chamois cloth in the process but didn’t scratch the chrome so I’ll accept the causality. Anywho, here are some photos pre cleaning.

Grease was in good shape. No signs of excessive wear.
RIP pink chamois. You’re watch has ended and you’re covered in grease.
So much grime, but honestly I’ve got some free time.
I was hoping garage fairies would finish the for me while I slept.


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