Kid Got a New Bike

Went up to Duluth to buy the kid a new 24” MTB. I was originally going to look at a Fuji. But on the way there the seller told me he was busy today. So I kept looking and found two more. A Trek MT220, and this Raleigh. As it turns out this Raleigh has an aluminum frame and weighs about 24lbs. Most 24” bikes range from 25-32lbs.Plus it was closer so we went and looked at it first. Turns out it was being sold buy a retired fellow who buys, collects, and sells bikes as a hobby. He seemed a competent mechanic and this bike is in great shape. Shifting, and brakes work perfectly. I ended up getting it for 65 bucks. It’s gonna need different tires before it’s ready to his some single track tho.

Graphic: Went you just don’t trust your hitch rack you gotta get out the ratchet strap

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