Saturday we dropped the kids off at my parents so we could paint the kitchen cabinets, then we dropped the kids off at Mrs Opposaurus’s mothers so we can paint the kitchen cabinets. I’m tired, its been a long weekend. We go to order takeout. Sushi, cool yummy and ontop of that mt sister-in-law has 50% code for grubhub. unfortunately, even though the place will deliver, grubhub’s website wont let it so i decide to go pick it up. Opposaurus Jr#1 wants to go for the ride. cool sure lets go. As i’m cleaning the snow off the windshieldof the Focus, my roof starts moving and out pops a head thru the sunroof.

i cleanout out the tracks and could not get the sunroof to close. well looks liek we’re getting food with it open. every time i stopped it would drip on my head. after 15 minutes of driving with high heat it finally closed.

pictured:not this winter