Kids, am I right?

So my wife, my 2 yr daughter, and I all went out to a Bible study earlier. During the middle of the lesson, my kid (of course), while reading a Disney Cars book, starts shouting the one word I keep forgetting she knows, “FIRE! FIRE!”

I quickly snap back “[her name], there is no fire!” So she responds with “NO FIRE! NO FIRE!”


I know, she’s two, she’s learning fun new words, but she’s gonna have to learn there are times you shouldn’t say some words. Especially a word that can cause panic in a building. Thankfully no one heard it, or they pretended not to hear it.

The weird thing is, we never taught her this word. She picked it up because we have a wood burning stove and we always say, “you want me to start a fire?” (Which is what I'm doing while writing this).

Still, she’s giving me great fuel to share at her graduation. As a father, it is my role to embarrass her. :)

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