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Kids Are Awesome, Ya Know?

After the day we’ve had with the weather, it was nice to hear something that made me smile. So my stepson is 7 and is in the gifted program at his school. They competed in a robotics competition earlier on and managed to make it to the state competition in Vicksburg today. His dad took him to it since he was off work and we were unable to go. This evening my wife gets an email from his teacher about how things went.

During the part of the competition where they had to talk about their robot, my stepson was on stage doing the talking while another boy worked the robot. The other boy is confined to a wheelchair. While he was operating it, one of the wheels stopped working. Keep in mind, at this point their team was in third place and could have gone to nationals if they finished there, and add to this the fact they were competing against middle schoolers. My stepson sees what happened and instead of just standing there, he excuses himself from the judges and goes to fix the wheel because the other boy, being in a wheelchair, would not have been able to fix it. Because of this, though, they went over their time limit and finished fourth.


Did he care though? Nope. He wanted to make sure his friend didn’t have to try and fix it and possibly hurt himself.

Kids, man. They’re pretty awesome.

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