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Kids are soft these days...

Just got back from orientation for my youngest son going into Kindergarten. We are allowed to drop him off at school up to 30 minutes before school starts, but all kids must play outside unless they are part of the breakfast program. The exceptions to this rule are 3 weather scenarios: steady rain, lightning in the area, and if the temperature/wind chill is below....-10 degrees F. Yes, negative 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Otherwise “we expect you to send you children dressed for the weather”.

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Illustration: Phil Hands (Wisconsin State Journal)

Green Bay is the 16th coldest city in the country. Personally, anything above 15 degrees is light jacket weather unless I’ll be outside for extended periods of time. -20 to -30 windchills are not that uncommon, so -10 wind chill is not all that crazy.  Should be a good year!

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