Kijiji Bullshit I put up with..

Now, selling my stuff on Kijiji, like Craigslist, should be a breeze. Here's the worst I've seen. I've had 3 things listed, and I managed to get one sold so far.


First thing, I was selling 3 BMW E60 rims, one was refurbished. the first and only response I get is;

"Hello, I'll take one."

and then the email conversation goes somewhat like this:

"Which one?"

"One of the factory ones."

"Only one?"

"Yeah, I'll be at St. Laurent Mall tonight"

"That's a bit far for me right now, Can we go somewhere a bit closer to me?"

"Yeah, I'll go anywhere".

"How about Bayshore?"

*no response.*

Selling the Escape, I got a whole range of offers: from lowballing scrappers, to hopeful first drivers. These gave up messaging me for some reason.

"hello, 200 for complete thankyou."

"I just got an offer for 270, can you beat that?" (this was from another scrapping company, I asked for a quote before listing the truck)

"uuh no 200 is the best I can do."

Another was

"Before you part it, can I see it first?"

"Sure, I'm available all week."

*No response*

Funnily enough, the first person that messaged me the day I listed it, ended buying the truck on the spot (with steelies), and basically promised to repair it and make it road legal again.


Another thing, someone asked me to put the wheels aside, once I let them know that I did so, I didn't get a response back, that is why they're listed now.

and just yesterday, I got a message on my phone about those wheels,

"is your carpart still for sale?, don't bother texting me back, cuz I am at work. send me an email at [thisaddress] instead".

And I sent an email to said address:

"Hello, just responding to your message, alright, to be on the right page, which car part is it that you're interested in?"

"the wheels and tires."

"oh, okay, are you interested in the whole set?"

*no response*

This just aggravates me. Why do I have to put up with stuff like this on a weekly basis?

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