I find the whole Black Friday thing very interesting. I hate shopping. It is annoying, boring, and time consuming. This is especially true for me growing up in a household with 3 women. Back when malls were a thing, we would go shopping for back to school, events, parties, etc. I have spent more hours clothes shopping for other people more than I’d like to admit. Last time I was in a mall a few years back we spent 4 long forsaken hours. You know what, I went into 2 stores to get what I was looking for and I was done in 20 minutes. Why go to every store? Just find something you like and done.

As you can guess, I buy 90% of my goods online. The only one I don’t is groceries because that kinda bothers me. But everything else; shirts, pants, knick knacks, etc are all able to be purchased online. I don’t need to see people, sit on the world’s most uncomfortable chairs with all the husbands, boyfriends, and sons waiting for the females they came shopping with, and usually things are much cheaper. So I don’t understand why people will trample and fight over deals in store when they can get comparable discounts online today and on Cyber Monday.

The only thing you can’t really purchase online is a vehicle. Only because I am a huge proponent of the test drive. Without it how will you know if the vehicle suits your needs? You don’t. The seats might not fit you, you may not like the feeling of the interior, or maybe there just isn’t enough room. As much as I’d love to skip the seller and be able to legitimately and confidently buy a vehicle online, skipping the middle man, sales man, and CL scammer.


This was all brought on by the FP CLK63 AMG Black Black Friday deal. These are cars I have been waiting for the depreciation curve to really affect their sale value. Ever since Clarkson reviewed the CLK63 AMG Black I have been obsessed with the idea of owning one. Seems that they may soon be affordable. I guess I would trample people in order to own one of these in factory condition and silver.


Now I will go get a fresh pair of pants and be right back