18 year old Ryan Yauck was struck and killed Monday at around 12:30PM while filling his car with gas on the side of a four lane divided highway.

As more and more of the story is released, more and more questions have been answered, but a few major ones still remain:

1. How does a seemingly bright, college bound young man with a late model Honda Civic run out of gas in the first place?

2. Why did he not fully pull off the shoulder, presumably knowing his fuel door was on the traffic facing side of the car?


3. Did he have the gas can with him in the car, possibly indicating that he knew he had a bad gas gauge? Or did he walk to the nearest gas station or house to obtain the can, and the gas?


4. How and why did the 34 year old unnamed driver of the van not see him? Why was he out of his lane (as was reported)?

Hopefully the details of the story are released, though as most things in small towns go these days, unless you know the victim or the accused you’ll never hear what truly happened. Or it’ll be buried by the next news story to hit the headlines.