Killer Queen Kill Count: 2

During my drive to work, a bird tried to swoop down across the road. My car occupied its flight path in the next instant, and it smacked into the rear passenger window on the driver side. Thump. I knew the bugger was dead. This morning, on my drive home, I confirmed it — the bird was still on the road, by the yellow stripes. Deader than a rock. (And surprisingly, not roadkill’d into a pancake.)

The first bird kill, though? Poor sucker tried to dodge my car during my drive home after our Whidbey Island Oppo Cruise in ‘18. It glanced off the top of the windshield and roof, and careened into the ether.


I should probably get kill mark decals for the rear window — make it subtle, maybe feathers?

As a side thought, this is probably why the car keeps getting bird poop on it. It’s probably killed countless little birds during police service...

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