No video. But I can tell you about it. After getting original wheels in good condition for my car, I came up on an intersection with an S10 that broke down in the turn lane. It’s a very busy intersection, one block off of Highway 99.

Another guy in an SUV pulled up, got out and strated helping S10 guy in pushing it. I changed lanes from the leftmost turn lane into theirs and honked, gesturing that I can give him a push.

SUV guy gets out of the way, and I tell S10 guy that I can give him a push to a nearby parking lot. He gets in his truck and waits for the green light while I nose my push bumpers up to his tailgate.


Green light. The Queen doesn’t even notice the truck as I ease up on the gas. Before long, we’re clear of the intersection and he uses the momentum to pull into the lot as I continue on my way to my errands.

Went on to store my wheels at my storage unit then the SSA to take care of paperwork. And finally, gave her a deserved wash at the Brown Bear.