Amid the news that Kimi might check out of F1 at the end of 2015, here he is enjoying a ride in a Lawn Mower race. Might he join the LM1 full time in 2016? Is that a disguised Ferrari Land Mower? Cause its definitely the same Kermit Green as Jay Kay's Ferrari. Perhaps Ferrari's worlds fastest hybrid-Landscaper? Hopefully the full video will end up in the interwebs or some obscure torrent.

Another reason to love Kimi this weekend was his opinion on the possibility that Monza might be dropped from the calendar, to which he replied:

"You hear how they might drop that race and it would be very stupid in my opinion for Formula 1 and for everybody. Hopefully it will never happen. But we are not the guys who decide those things, and for Ferrari it is an important place. Unfortunately I never won there, but hopefully in future we can do. It is a very nice place to go."