Kimi out of F1?


According to Charles Leclerc will be replacing him at Ferrari.


I am super happy for Leclerc he does seem to have a very bright future in F1, as long as he doesn’t get caught up in any of Vettel’s bullshit and mind games. Hopefully, he can trounce Vettel’s very quickly a relegate him to the #2 driver.

I would have liked to see Leclerc spend a year or 2 at Haas to get some mid-field time, he started the year with a team that wasn’t expected to do much and has exceeded anything anyone could have imagined. But, I think the pressure of being expected to perform is going to be entirely different and I don’t see Vettel doing anything to help him adjust to the pressure.

IMO, I am pretty sure Ferrari realizes Vettel’s isn’t going to win them a world championship and they are looking towards the future.

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