So my tires are near the recommended replacement level (the tread is still a hair over George Washington’s head). I leave to go to the store and am being cautious because of the light rain. I make a right turn, from a stop, onto a road where the speed limit is 45 mph. I’m accelerating, at about half throttle, in 3rd gear when. hmmmmmRAAAAAAAHHHH. The front wheels start spinning. Car goes a little askew, but i recover while staying well within my lane.

On the way back I’m at another intersection trying to make a left turn on a yellow arrow. There’s a car coming the other way, but I have plenty of time to make it. So I shift early into 2nd, taking into account the rain, and at only 1/4 throttle spin the wheels again. I made it through, although closer than it needed to be. I can’t help, but wonder if either of those two times would’ve put me in a ditch if it’d been RWD.

Yeah, I know someone’s gonna go on a rant about how important tires are. I get that, but mine had sufficient tread and I wasn’t driving aggressively at all, since I know my tires are near needing to be replaced and my car’s only nanny is ABS. It’s a 140 Integra too, not some 250 hp hot hatch.