My wife, kiddo, and I headed out for some test drives today. Wife is pretty cool with anything as long as it’s an automatic. We don’t want to spend a ton, it should be comfortable for 3 of us; and of course fun to drive. I was hoping we could start with a 335i xdrive, then find an A3 quattro in the older hatch body style, then finish with a Countryman S All4. Going from less practical to most; most fun to least; at least given my experience with similar or the same cars in the past. Unfortunately there are no A3 Quattros in the older hatch body style; only newer sedans and none I liked in my price range. So we drove a 2012 335i xdrive coupe(no decent sedans around), and a 2015 Countryman S All4.

My wife sounded way more interested in the Countryman until we drove it. It was a 2015 but it seemed like it wasn’t holding up too well. It also felt slow after the 335i.

But the 335i xdrive was really fun. The space was good for a coupe, it was fast, handling was good, steering was okay. I love the 2012 3 series coupe body styles but I guess in an ideal world we would find a sedan. I found the ZF 6 speed auto pretty adept at its job. The seats in the (M?) sport pack were really nice. 


Here a picture of the 335i:

Going to keep my eyes peeled for a week. The 335i is actually a good price so I would be surprised if it sits for a long time but it’s not so unique I couldn’t find another.

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