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Kind of pissed off...

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Pic of sexy blue boostang as a buffer for my rant...

Friday on the way to work I got a flat and posted about it.


Saturday morning on the way home I stopped at NTB to hand them the loose wheel and have the tire patched. I only picked them over Discount Tire because they open at 7 and are closer to my house. I picked it up on Saturday afternoon before heading back to work, but at the time they couldn’t get me in to put it back on the car. Sunday afternoon I got up and swapped on the bronze wheel before driving in to work.

I didn’t make it to work on four matched tires. I was no more than 5 miles from home when the same tire went out again. After I stopped and put the spare back on I looked it over and was unable to find any new punctures, so I’m guessing that they did a shitty job patching my tire. The puncture from Friday was in the outer tread block, about two inched from the side wall, so I’m going to guess that they just did a shitty job of repairing it.


When I was in, and they saw the puncture I got the usual speech about “well, it’s kind of close to the sidewall, we may not be able to fix it”, which is bullshit. I told them up front that I won’t be buying any tires, and that remains true. I’ll be back in there in the morning and if/when they tell me that I need to replace the tire I already have a plan.

Back in May I busted two wheels and in all of the drama that followed that I ended up with a pair of brand new tires, mounted on wheels that don’t quite match what’s on the car. They’re black instead of bronze. One of those has been my spare. If they swear that they can’t fix it, then they’re going to swap the new tires I already have onto the bronze wheels, so at least the rears will match each other. (They’re entirely different than the ones on the car, I won’t do one mismatched tire.)


I just want them to do the job I paid for. Fix the flat. Dammit.

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