3d. Pretty good 3D. Of course, after the first half, I got used to the 3D and it wasn’t anything more special than a regular view at that point. So, how was it? what happened? Well, it was good. It was a very good start to the 3 movie epic it begins. That was also somewhat of a concern for me. Ep.4 could stand on it’s own regardless of sequal approvals. Did they film Ep.4 knowing they had two more to go? I don’t think so. In the end, it’s worth seeing on the big screen. It’s worth spending the money. I’m 42 and there were several pieces what I audibly said, “woah.....heh...wow” because those scenes were very good. Also, character development happened and actor interaction and timing were well done. Yeah. Which is a great thing because we all know how 1-3 had none of that. Go see it. Enjoy it.