I just read a fun piece at the Atlantic about the decline of teen car culture. The author seems hell-bent on tying everything to racism, which I find quite ludicrous; however, the rest of the article has some interesting premises....

1) used junkers cost too much. I disagree here. Decent cars are everywhere for $500-2000, which adjusted for inflation is not far off the few hundred yout’s would pay back in the good old days.

2) family income level is correlated with teenage driving. I don’t argue this.... But I think it’s for a different reason..... insurance rates. My best friend has three teenage daughters, $1,500 apiece per year for insurance. That’s $250/mo just for two of his kids. One daughter costs more per month than me, my wife, and four cars combined.

3) the article looks at some hard numbers, but ignores certain trends. For instance, the effect of Fast and Furious on youth culture when it came out. Given the original film is now old enough to drive itself, teens of today have no real frame of reference into car culture outside a handful of douchebag YouTube influencers.


So, yougins of Oppo..... Why does your generation hate cars?