Quick question - is there any possible way to default Kinja to "All Replies" instead of having to click on it for every single conversation? I get so confused because I read some comments and then eventually figure out that the comments are not part of the same conversation, even though they are all right next to each other. I'd also like to expand most of the conversations further than the default (8? 10?). I understand you are trying to protect bandwidth and increase click counts and all that, but it's very confusing. I'm finding that where I used to read entire conversations and threads, now I'm not expanding the conversations because it's annoying.

Seems like something that could be set in the account settings per user.

Just in general, I have to say I still find the new commenting system unclear and disjointed, even after giving it a fair shot. I also see many times where people wanted to reply to the original story but instead reply to a comment, or they reply to the wrong comment thread. I'm not saying all commenters are idiots, but something isn't good in the UI if this keeps happening at the rate I see it.

BTW for "All Replies" I'd prefer a setting rather than somebody's browser plugin/mod. I use a lot of different computers and browsers.