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Ok, so I had a comment that successfully published, but when I refreshed the page the comment was gone. I tried to look it up through the “discussions” tab on my profile just to make sure that it went through, but it wasn’t there. I almost re-typed up my comment, but I could have sworn that when it published, the timestamp read “4:58 pm” (I distinctly remember that). I didn’t want to be creating double comments, so I gave it a few more minutes just in case Kinja needed to “digest” it or whatever. About ten minutes after originally publishing, it finally appeared- in the comment section, and in my profile.


Shortly after this, I started to receive double notifications. I thought that maybe someone else was experiencing the exact same problem as me, and must have re-typed their reply. But no, both of those notifications lead to the exact same permalink. I’ve now received replies from two different people, each of whom posted only one reply, yet I am receiving double notifications for each one. There are even separate timestamps for those notifications:

Both replies from “Teh.” have the exact same hyperlink address. Same goes for the ones from tapzz.
Both replies from “Teh.” have the exact same hyperlink address. Same goes for the ones from tapzz.

I don’t know if it means anything, but it seems strange that the top notification is listed with a timestamp, while the next four down are “x minutes ago”.

One more thing: that reply from “Teh.” that is pending approval should be ungreyed. I’m approved on that blog, and I gave that reply a star, so that should have been enough to do the trick.

I’m not sure if these issues are all related, but they’re happening at the same time for me. Anybody else seeing this?

6:47 pm EDIT: My comments seem to be displaying properly now. My notifications from Teh and tapzz are still doubled in my notification log, but all the newer notifications are showing up normally. Teh is still pending approval, though. Poor guy.

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