Won’t let me post pictures from my mobile now. Doh.

Any way. I’m a happy bunny at the moment.

At work we get ‘Star Points’ for a thank you from a customer for our service, for going that bit further than is required sort of thing. Each time we get 5 Star Points, well I had accrued 40 Star Points. In money terms that’s £40. So I cashed them in for groceries, well groceries-ish.


With the beer, lager, ales and stouts many being on 4 for £5 offer I got about £58 worth of beer, ale and Guinness minus the Star Points for £2.82 (£2 was the delivery slot charge) delivered.

2x Old Speckled Hen,

2x John Smiths Golden Ale,

2x Spitfire Kentish Ale,

2x Spitfire Gold Ale,

2x Newcastle Brown Ale,

2x Iron Maiden Trooper beer,

2x Marstons Pedigree Pale Ale,

2x Theakston Old Peculier beer,

2x Bombadier Glorious English Ale,

4x Guinness Golden Ale,

4x Guinness Original XX,

4x Guinness Dublin Porter,

4x Guinness Foreign Extra.

If I knew being extra nice to customers got me this, I’d of been extra nice much sooner.