I know, I know, re-posting is kind of “frowned upon” but what about when I want to add updated info to a post I made, let’s say, yesterday? I made it on my personal blog (functionoverfashion.kinja etc) then shared to Oppo. I updated it, reset the time, and published it. Then hit ‘share to Oppo’ with today’s date and time but it didn’t do anything.

I seem to remember having to “unshare” then re-share, but can’t figure out how to do that now, despite having done it pretty recently I think. I mean, maybe it’s just Kinja adding and removing features at will. Or am I doing it wrong? Link to post in question

Can’t be doing it as wrong as this guy, who tried to turn a tour bus around in a sandpit yesterday:

Illustration for article titled Kinja Question


Illustration for article titled Kinja Question

Yeah, that’s where there used to be a building, but since it was demo’d they just filled the hole with sand while they wait to decide what to do with it. Apparently it was NOT an honest mistake, the driver was warned not to turn around there. He probably thought, “stupid neighbor, what does he know, there’s plenty of room to turn around down there.” Room? Yes. Traction? Nah.

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