I enjoyed writing my Oppositelock Movie Corner post today, and I'm thinking of making it a returning feature, at least until I run out of ideas. But my question is about making future posts. Ideally, I'd like to write them ahead of time with a day or two to tweak them. Or even write three or four and peg them future weeks. I know I can choose a future date or time for the post, but does that then put the post on my personal blog until that date? I need to be able to see how it will look on the page, and make edits as needed before they post to Oppo.

I would also like to get some suggestions from Opponauts on possible movie ideas. The thought behind the post is to highlight a car or cars that appear prominently in a film, but aren't the main character of the film. So something like Gone in 60 Seconds or Christine wouldn't work. However, an article about the Mustang and/or the Baracuda in Bullitt, or the Pontiac Ventura Sprint from The Seven-Ups would. Thanks in advance for any ideas y'all might have.