Recently I've seen some amazing custom Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars, and I've gotten inspired to try my hand. I've never built or painted models before, so this is all new to me. I used the paints my wife had for her craft projects and started painting. A Matchbox Land Rover Defender seemed like a great casting to start with, as I just wanted to do some detailing. That body-yellow snorkel was driving me nuts. So I started there, then did the roof rack, ladder, touched up the wheel wells, other little details, all the lights, and blacked out the wheels. Then I sprayed it with a dullcote. It's not perfect, but I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out! Oh, the pics are on my first real diorama too. Carved out of pink insulation foam, then painted and textured.

Please let me know if the images show up. I've had trouble getting posts to work in the past. Thanks!