Kinja's Ground-Breaking Innovation: Threadless Conversations

Now you can appear to be talking to a voice only you can hear, and when people ask if you're clinically insane, you can point them at a plate of untraceable spaghetti noodles for evidence. Kinja is committed to showing you the only best comments by the best commenters. This rating system transcends more intuitive concepts, like... time. Here we see HammerheadFistpunch's original comment, followed by only the near side of conversations continued over several invisible telephones.

Kinja wants you to see only the best. In the best conversations, as Commander Benjamin Sisko knows all too well, time is not linear.


(I know it's not that scene, but it's the face I make every time I try to follow a thread on this system now.)

So enjoy our new Kinjamatic Transcendent Quality Algorithm. Because you don't need to know what the hell people are talking about, as long as you know they're good at talking about it.

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