Kipper has had some pretty big changes since I last posted about it.

Since my buddy bought it, he’s/we’ve put the new bumper on it, painted it (twice- first purple, which didn’t really look good, now satin black), put the new bed on it, and gave it a rodknock (he put 5W-30 in it. It’s got 269k on it. It needs thicker oil than that. We changed it back to 10W-30 pretty quick, but unfortunately the damage was done). Oh, and we punched a huge hole in the muffler for giggles. We are not that bright. He’s also put a Grant steering wheel on it. You’ll notice the cowl panel is off. That’s because the wipers died... right as it started raining yesterday and we weren’t home.

He’s found a shop that is willing to tackle the frame, and then it’s getting a roll pan, exhaust, and soon a V8 swap.


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