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Kitchen [nearly] Complete!

The renovations started in earnest on September 23, and we had the luxury of living elsewhere while the major destruction/reconstruction was done. We moved back in to the house just 2 days before the sink and counters were installed, just inside of 5 weeks later. Not bad for a project that involved removing an interior wall, moving exterior doors & windows, and putting down a new hardwood floor (in the kitchen only, to match the rest of the house).

Naturally, there are a few (really, very few) punchlist items left. Overall, we are very happy.

I did take some better pics with my SLR, but haven’t uploaded them yet. So here you go, the best my phone can do.





We love how it’s opened up the house in that area; it’s just not that big of a house, so to have a giant divider in the middle was pretty annoying after a while. Namely after having 2 kids running around the house.


Have a great holiday weekend! Cheers.

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