Our kitchen of 14 years, with its horrid country wallpaper, shitty contractor’s grade cabinets and formica counters, is no more.

First pics show before, with horrible orange cabinets, formica counters and ancient linoleum floor. The half wall over the bar has been removed, and the closet/pantry, which was backed by an angled wall in the living room, has been removed and squared off to allow for a full-length cabinet in its place. Fur downs (or soffits or whatever they’re called) have also been removed so new cabinets will go to the ceiling. They’ve been working on rewiring all the outlets, adding some more, and preparing for can lights in the ceiling. Popcorn will be removed from the ceiling, and they should be painting by the end of next week (we still have to pick the color). Custom cabinets go in at the end of the month, then floor (probably tile) and new appliances. We’re hoping it will be wrapped up by the start of December so Mrs. Ttyymmnn can do her holiday baking.

The half wall over the bar
The old kitchen, minus the fridge, which is now permanently in the garage
This pic shows the angled wall at the back of the old pantry. This was the end of the first day.


View of kitchen with half wall removed, but still with angled wall