Hey everyone following along. Early this morning I sent the wife and kiddos south to visit the outlaws. Since I was up, I emptied out all the kitchen cabinets so I can start demo when I get home. Here’s an almost before shot, for anyone who is interested. The appliances are new, since we had 15 year old builder grade crap (see that dishwasher? I hate you, ancient and loud dishwasher that can’t even do it’s job.) You might see this and think “Hey, that kitchen is nice and open, spacious. Must be great how it is!” In truth, it’s practically useless. When trying to cook, there is so little usable counter space, it’s infuriating. And try to get two people in there to cook? No way. We’ve tried to live with it for 2 years now.

The blue outline is the proposed island, obviously I’ll be adjusting as the week moves on to make it all work out right to get ready for countertop measurements on Tuesday. The entire row of cabinets on the right side, with that retarded peninsula, are coming out.

The electrical is going to be awful, only because I have to tear out a good chunk of drywall to redo it. I just don’t understand electricians. See those two outets closest to you on the peninsula? Yeah, they are tied in with the outlet that powers the range, and maybe the fridge. Seriously, who thought that was a good idea?

I’m still not sure what I’m going to do about that can light currently over the sink...