Knifelopnik - New knife may be on my shopping list.

Combat Ready Knives' EDA - "Every Day Axe" folding blade mini tomahawk.


Just announced on KnifeCenter,…

The odd thing is... it is ~40$. It looks awfully similar to a Warren Thomas Pocket Hawk.

And the Warren Thomas Pocket Hawk retailed for over 600$, and remaining stock still going for 550-650+$


Of course, it is hand made, and carbide-edged, and likely highly rare and exceptional quality.

But I hope it is the case the Warren Thomas no longer sells it because he has done his limited run, and now is licensing the design to CRK for general manufacture, with simpler materials, at a 10th of the price, suggested retail.


The CRK version is simpler, it doesn't have two scales, or two frame sides. One side is the locking frame liner, and the other side is a G10 composite scale, and the blade is AUS-8 stainless, not carbide-steel. And of course, made in china, as is everything anymore.

The WT was probably hand-made in a US workshop with FAR more expensive materials, and STILL probably with a very high profit margin.


If it is not stolen intellectual property, I think I want one of the CRK versions.

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