The previous owner of this M37 put an odd handle for the knob, I just don’t like the look or probably the feel of it. So I found this 1950's Dodge knob on Ebay. The newer gauges will probably go at some point when I can spend more, I will paint the new chrome bezels and probably keep them for now. They have rebuilt gauges for $50 each and when I’m done with the big stuff that isn’t a huge project for three gauges, the panel comes right off as you can see. This truck has a civilian style key and light switch system installed, the big military multi switch is not working and used to do all the various modes we don’t need today. If I ever restored that I would probably have nothing else to do!

** It should be noted this is NOT the shift pattern in the M37, but there is an instructional plate on the dash. I plan on having a battery disconnect (battery is under the seats which would confuse people even more) so with all the knobs and switches it might just be too much for a thief.