So my new Prelude is back from service after $800 of little repairs like gaskets and seals and caps. The previous owner neglected a lot of maintenance but after this spruce up it no longer seems to leak oil and coolant.

First thing I want to do is replace my tired and dirty stock Type SH leather shift knob with an aftermarket metal one. I would like leather, but they are double the price.

I’m looking at the options and so far Blox, Password JDM, and Skunk2 come up. Anyone have experience with these or can vouch for any? It’d be my first real aftermarket shift knob and I want to get it right. It needs to be a heavy weight, a bit bulkier and taller than stock would be nice. The Prelude’s shift location is lower and further away than the Miata’s. It kind of feels like a reach, so the little ball ones are out for me.