My Miata had developed a “noise” a few days ago. Finally got around to opening the hood and giving it a listen. It is running normal so I was perplexed about what it could be. After comparing this sound to others on YouTube and generally where it’s coming from, I am pretty confident it is a rod knock! On this car, that is a death noise. 210k miles, questionable rust history, and no space to do an engine swap at home. Looks like this Miata has given up the ghost and has gone terminal. I have to take it apart a bit to confirm where the issue lies but for my path forward, I’m gonna have to start shopping for another Miata unfortunately.

Or if Oppo can suggest something other than a Miata that I can use a track car for super cheap, then I’m all ears! Although I’m highly preferenced to keep 15 inch 4x100 wheels and reuse my roll bar. But I’m up for other stuff if it’s cheap enough. Thinking sub $3k and cheap to maintain.

Adventure Miata, you’ve done your job. Now you will soon be parted out I guess! Guess I have a long time with my registration though before I need to do anything about it. No idea how logistically to handle it seeing as I have no storage or work space. But I'll figure something out eventually.