Adjusting the valve clearances took 5 hrs. This is very fiddle work, I didn’t care for it. Broke my feeler gauge. All the valves were tighter than spec, I not sure if that’s just how they were or because I wasn’t checking in 5*C weather. According to the maintenance schedule this is supposed to be done annually, this is the first time it’s been done in the 9 years I’ve owned the car.

The car run and sounds better. Although the tickity sound got louder.

Bella even showed up to “help out”



Since I had the timing belt done in 2016(the hood was off) the passenger side washer nozzle was non-functional. Thinking that one of the washer lines fell off, I set out to take the insulation off.

As I started removing the clips, I saw a mouse nest. With the insulation off and the hood up, I pulled the washer lever and watched as the water sprayed out of the tee connector. Looking closer this isn’t a regular connector, I think it might be a pressure regulator. I tried blowing air through it but that didn’t work. I replaced the BMW tee with a brass one now both washers work with more pressure then they’ve ever had. Took 1.5 hrs.


Does anybody know why the nozzles have electrical wires going to them?

Turn signal Bulb

For years the front turn signal bulb was burnt out. For some reason I had it in my head that I had tried replacing the bulb and found the socket to be melted. So I had been living with the fast signal flash and non-op indicator. I was planning on wiring in a LED module just to get it legal.


So today I finally take the time to work on this problem, AND the socket is in good condition. It wasn’t even the same style of socket and bulb as the melted one in the image in my head. So I took the old bulb out and replaced it with a new one that I had sitting in the trunk. Now the light works perfectly. Only took 15mins