Steve Vai with “Tender Surrender.” Just something for your head space. Im noticing that online interactions are becoming more and more negative and aggressive lately all over the web. It seems as if many are in attack mode and it’s hard to find words of praise anywhere.

This is completely understandable since last year and this year especially have been relentless in unloading bad news after bad news across a global scale and all the way down to the most personal and intimate levels of our lives. So since praise is hard to come by let me say this, regardless of whether youre active on Oppo or have never typed a word here, I feel very fortunate to have your time, thoughts, and opinions. Even if you (lurkers) dont share your thoughts or opinions you do share your time and that’s the one thing out of the three that you cant take back or hold on to.

I appreciate that you spend your time here on Oppo and I want you to know that you’re welcome here. Im writing this mostly as a reminder to myself since I know that I havent felt welcomed anywhere online lately.

Also, while I have you here, I think that youre super boss for reading my words in your own voice inside your head while somehow managing to extract my personality. When else can we share a voice without sharing a space or opinion?! I think that’s pretty neat, kin. If only real life worked like read life...