My 10 mile commute took 40 minutes to drive home tonight, thanks so much to my city and their stop light fetish. Know what's also stupid? Being told to drive to Indy for a very time sensitive matter and as you're walking out the door being told the car is completely out of gas and that there is a nail in the tire. What the fuck people?! Thanks previous drivers for using an air impact to tighten the lug nuts to the point where I needed a 4 foot long breaker bar. Thanks GM and your absolutely shitty spare tire design (crane thingy), your shitty jack that takes 10 minutes to extend because you didn't want to include a usable handle (or even one like in my Blazer), your use of 6 lug wheels on the Traverse so I couldn't use the full size spare from my truck, and finally thanks for using a space saver spare instead of a full size one so that I had to fix the damn bad tire before I went on my trip. I had to make an hour drive in under 40 minutes (yay 85mph cruise). What have we learned? I can drive to Indy in the same amount of time it takes for me to drive home. Fuck this shit. Fuck everyone and everything. Fuck.